Type of Business: LTD
Administrator: FESTIM ADEMI

About Us

The company "Adam Travel & Rent a Car" diversifies its business by offering new service, the car rental, called City Rent. The company offers to all customers a high quality and competitive prices.

Our clients are: businesses, different companies, individuals etc...
The first results have already been fruitful in service provided by City Taxi. This company was established in February 2015 and closing in the middle client. We found closer to our customers by offering convenience in their mode of transportation and favorable prices.

Service that we offer for new sub-branch of City Rent is it the same with City Taxi, which is the primary client. City Rent was established to meet the requirements of customers.


To be a leader in transportation, we are the first choice of travel for most citizens of the country.
We have continued growth by expanding and offering competitive services, comfortable and with high precision. With financial stability and continuously increaseour work to be constant source of reliability our customers and pride for us.


Our Motto:

​City Rent the right choice